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Vicious Power

March 24, 2008


For this post, I thought I’d pick a real life-saver. I do a lot of cycling – probably averaging over 200kms per week. To do those distances, and hold down a full time job, and have a life – you have to get up early!

Getting up early for me means 5:00am. And 5:00am means “in the dark”, for most of the year.

I love cycling at this time of the day – but only with a good light. I tried a number of different options, and found all of them relatively weak, or with short battery lives, or weird recharging systems.

Then I read a review of the Vicious Power lights made by these folks in South Australia, on . They’ve been designed for use in 24 hour mountain bike races. That means they’re light (carbon fibre bodies & battery cases), bright (HID bulbs), long-lasting (close to 2 hours on full strength), and fast recharging.

These really light up the road! Nearly everyone I meet up with on a group ride comments on how bright my light is.

The support from Vicious Power is also top-notch. At one stage my light suffered from what they called “lazy starting” – sometimes needing one or two attempts before they successfully fired up. No problems – I phoned them to explain, then sent them off by courier, and had a new unit back within days!

Now for the bad news… They are no longer taking orders. 😦 Apparently, they simply can’t keep up with the demand. Not surprising, even thought they were very expensive (compared to LEDs or Halogens).

However, given all of the above – these lights definitely deserve a spot on the “Things We Like” page!

(Let me know if you’ve used these, or if not, have you tried any other HID cycling lights?)

Click on the Post Title to go to their website, or click here:

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