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Muffler Reconstruction – Part I

February 18, 2009

Stock Mufflers

The stock mufflers on the 848 /1098 are not that bad.  Some reviewers have commented on the noise they make – a nice deep rumble.  For the road – I like them.  I’m not really one for upsetting the neighbours…

Stock Ducati 838 Exhaust System

Stock Ducati 848 Exhaust System

For the track, though, they’ve  a few problems.  Firstly, they are too restrictive.  The stock design is such that the gases travel from the engine to the rear of the muffler, then back to the centre, then back to the rear, and out.  On the way through, they pass through a catalytic converter, which further restricts gas flow.  Clearly, something needs to be done about this!


The number one muffler for the Ducati is the Termignoni brand.  These are available in either a full race system, which replaces header pipes as well as mufflers, or just a slip-on, which leaves your pipes intact.  The problem with these (for me) is the price: over $4k for the full system, and over $2k for the slip-ons.

There are other brands out there as well, such as Arata, Arrows, Akrapovic (a lot of brands starting with “A”), just to mention a few.  Most are a little cheaper than the Termis, but still a little out of my league.


I had a quick chat to my motorcycle mechanic, who said that he’d been looking at the stock cans, and felt that it shouldn’t take a lot of work to pull them apart, remove some baffles, then put them back together.  He felt that it should give me a slight performance gain on the track, not to mention a little more noise.

This prompted me to research the idea.  I found a post on (here) that showed someone doing exactly that.


I posted a note up on the Ducatispot forum, asking if any Aussies had some spare stock mufflers they’d like to part with, cheap.  I’d seen some go on the US ebay site for under $100, but the freight would have made them double that price in the end.   I had a few replies, but nobody wanted to “give them away”, and I don’t blame them!

After a few weeks, though, a set came up on ebay, in Sydney.  After a little wait, and a well-timed bid, I got them for just under $100.

Here’s one of them before I started my reconstruction job.  They’re off a 1098s, so they are the darker colour.  Not that this matters – I’ll probably get them ceramic coated, like my stockers.

Stock 1098s Pipe (1 of 2, of course!)

Stock 1098s Can (1 of 2, of course!)

Next post: the Deconstruction / Reconstruction

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