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Racers Edge Fairings

February 26, 2009

I posted up some videos of my mufflers on YouTube (need to post the link here, and will do so shortly).

Someone posted a question about my fairings.  These are track fairings, and from a mob called Racers Edge.  You can see them at .  They’re a small operation, but the fairings are very good quality.  The spray painter mentioned that he thought they’d been well finished, and looking at the final result, after spraying, I’d have to agree!

One thing I need to do, though, is to buy their performance air-tubes.  If you own a 1098 or an 848 – try taking the air tubes off, and looking inside them.  They narrow down quite severely in the middle – I doubt you’d fit a matchbox through there.  Apparently they’re designed that way to meet noise requirements.

Also, the stock tubes fall short of the air ducts in the track fairings – by about 3 or 4 cm.  It’s no big deal – I’ve done a number of track days with them like this, but it would be nicer to have the right ones – more airflow = more performance, and they’d also look a little neater!

Ready for the track! (With my little helper...)

Ready for the track! (With my little helper...)

It takes me roughly an hour and a half to completely remove all the road fairings, lights, mirrors, number plates, indicators, and re-fit the track fairings.  I don’t mind doing this job – I take it slow, have a beer whilst doing it, and use the opportunity with the bike stripped to do some cleaning!

Stripped - good time to detail it!

Stripped - good time to detail it!

While we’re on the topic of cleaning the bike – I’m a fan of WD40.  If you ever want to “troll” a motorcycle forum, post up a question on the pros and cons of WD40 for cleaning your chain!  Anyhow, I use it on a rag, and clean around the engine – particularly underneath to remove the oily road grime.  It works a treat!

For painted surfaces – right now I’m using a spray carnuba wax cleaner.  I bought it from a stand at a service station, and am nearly out of it, so won’t post up details here until I can find a steady supply.  However… it is magic!  I thought it would be a gimmick, but lordy, does this stuff clean and shine, and so quick to use!  Stay tuned for an update…

All back in Road form now! (Where's my helper gone...)

All back in Road form now! (Where's my helper gone...)

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