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Ducati 848 Mufflers – Part IV

March 6, 2009

I’m still not happy with the sound I’m getting after my reconstruction project.  It sure is LOUD, but noise isn’t everything.  It has to sound DUCATI.  At the moment, it sounds somewhere between a Harley and a drag bike…

So, I decided to take the plunge, and ask more questions from people in the know.  There’s a really good community of knowledge out there, I’m finding, the trick is to know where, and who, to ask!

Someone put me on to Foran Exhausts, run by Dennis Foran.  They’re in Gosford, on the Central Coast.  I phoned them, and talked to Paul, and on the basis of that conversation, decided to drop the mufflers over to them for further work.

When I dropped them in, I had a chat to Paul, then to Dennis.  Paul’s suggestion was to totally remove the centre can, and to put a straight through perforated pipe in its place, wrapped with stainless steel wool and fibreglass.  Dennis agreed.

Dennis commented that the original mufflers were a “mechanical baffle” design.  Your two options with this type of design are to either leave it alone, or to remove it, and go the straight through pipe option.

I left the mufflers with them, and will pick them up on Thursday, just in time for a track day I have booked on Friday 13th March.  It will be a good test!

Foran Exhausts can be found here.  (If you’re visiting – phone them to check their address… the website may not be up to date in this regard.)

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