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Muffler Reconstruction – Part II

February 20, 2009

In the last post, I had just bought the stock 1098s mufflers.  Now for the deconstruction / reconstruction.

Stock 1098s Pipe (1 of 2, of course!)

Stock 1098s Pipe (1 of 2, of course!)

The first thing you notice with these mufflers is that they have a series of rivets around the front (engine) end, and the rear end (the exhaust cap).  I decided to attack the front end first.  The rivets drill out quite easily – the only thing to worry about really is that you don’t use too big a bit, and enlarge the holes.

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Muffler Reconstruction – Part I

February 18, 2009

Stock Mufflers

The stock mufflers on the 848 /1098 are not that bad.  Some reviewers have commented on the noise they make – a nice deep rumble.  For the road – I like them.  I’m not really one for upsetting the neighbours…

Stock Ducati 838 Exhaust System

Stock Ducati 848 Exhaust System

For the track, though, they’ve  a few problems.  Firstly, they are too restrictive.  The stock design is such that the gases travel from the engine to the rear of the muffler, then back to the centre, then back to the rear, and out.  On the way through, they pass through a catalytic converter, which further restricts gas flow.  Clearly, something needs to be done about this!

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Exhaust System – Ceramic Coating

February 16, 2009


The stock exhuast system on the Ducati 848 is made from stainless steel.  Stainless steel is great in that it doesn’t rust, but it discolours with heat, and the stock surface is porous and seems to attract all kinds of dirt and road grime.

I’ve read on some forums these posts where people have pulled their systems off, and then laboriously buffed them until they’re shiny.  Very shiny.  If you’re into bling in a big way – this would be the way to go.

I decided I was after something a little less labour intensive, and perhaps not quite so shiny.  That’s when I started reading up about a popular coating for exhaust systems – ceramic coating.

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Second Track Day

February 14, 2009

I’m Hooked!

A mere two weeks after my first track day ever, I decided to have another go.  Yep, they’re very, very addictive.

If you have a sportsbike, and haven’t done a track day, think carefully.  If you don’t do one – you’re missing out on your bike’s true potential.  If you do do one – you may have just started an expensive hobby!

This time, my mate Scott came with me.  We decided we’d ride down together, so met on the day, early (5:15am) at my place, had a couple of pieces of toast and some coffee, then hit the road.  A couple of hours later, we were filling up with fuel at the service station outside of Eastern Creek.

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My First Track Day

January 14, 2009

Probably the best way to start this blog would be to write about the decision making process.  What prompted a guy who’s had a 25 year break from motorcycle ownership to “ease back into it” by buying a 134Hp watercooled Italian superbike?

I’ll get to that eventually.  Needless to say, I bought the bike, a red Ducati 848, and soon afterwards thought, “I really should do at least one track day on this, just to see what it can do…”

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March 29, 2008


For today’s entry, Rhodia paper. Why paper? Surely it’s all the same? Tut, tut! You haven’t tried paper, until you’ve tried Rhodia.

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Vicious Power

March 24, 2008


For this post, I thought I’d pick a real life-saver. I do a lot of cycling – probably averaging over 200kms per week. To do those distances, and hold down a full time job, and have a life – you have to get up early!

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